Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare, operating under the jurisdiction of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, recognizes the importance of providing various options for bail payment to secure temporary release from the facility. To accommodate individuals seeking to bail out inmates, the facility offers flexible payment methods, available around the clock, seven days a week.

  1. Cash Payment: Those seeking to post bail can opt to make payments in cash directly to Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare.
  2. Credit Card Payment: Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare accepts credit card payments through the secure Government Pay Net platform. Prior to making a credit card payment, individuals must follow the facility’s instructions and obtain authorization.
  3. Bail Bond Assistance: In the Goshen, New York area, where the facility is located, authorized bail bond agents are available to arrange bail bonds as an alternative form of payment.

When initiating the bail process, it is essential for the individual responsible for the payment to present valid photo identification, as required by the facility. This ensures proper identification and verification during the bail transaction.

By offering multiple payment options and collaborating with reputable bail bondsmen, Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare endeavors to streamline the bail process while upholding stringent security measures. The facility remains committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment, ensuring the temporary release process is conducted with diligence and accuracy.